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1000 views Youtube video 1

1000 views Youtube video

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1000 views Youtube video 2

Об этой услуге

Do not chase quantity.

Choose quality, safety and efficiency.

Only live artists with active accounts.

Start time: 1-24 hours

Speed: up to 150-450 per day

Country of view - mainly Russia / CIS

Traffic source - in 70-80% of cases Telegram

Retention on average: 1 - 5 minutes.

That is, the time of each viewing will be different in this range, to create natural views.

If users watch a video long enough before turning it off, then such a video will begin to appear more often in similar and recommended videos, and it will also stand above its competitors in the search.

Video requirement: - allowed content, videos without warnings from YouTube

At run time, there may be time delays and changes in the statistics of the number and time of views.


-Live views, people watch for a fee (offers).

-Safety. The channel is not in danger.

-Disconnect ads on the video is not necessary.

-Views are not written off.

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